Handstand CLASS

We consider the handstand as one of our key skills, it is a fantastic movement to quickly help deepen your understanding of the body and its systems. The postural and core benefits from applied handstand training are second to none and the learning process is thoroughly engaging.

Our classes will help solidify your foundations and build you into the handstand from the ground up. Previously our online class focus has been on developing the necessary capacity for the movement in terms of both strength, and mobility. This week we are turning our attention back to a conditioning based approach to ensure we are still maintaining the necessary capacity for the handstand. It is key to remember that with skills progress is rarely linear, and returning to/reenforcing the foundations is core to the process. To get ready for the class refer to our Handstand resource found on the Journal. Here you will find a series of drills that will prep you for next week. We recommend aiming to get 1 or 2 sessions (depending on your ability) with two full days of upper body rest to get the most prior to next Wednesday.

This class is designed for foundation and intermediate students.

Hosted By: Angus
Start: June 3, 2020 @ 5:30 pm
Duration: 60 MINS
Timezone: Europe/London
Start: June 3, 2020 @ 5:30 pm
Duration: 60 MINS
Timezone: Europe/London
Instructor: Angus
Equipment: Tennis/Lacrosse Balls, Dowel/Broomstick
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