Lift’s design vision is to create beautiful and unique experiences. Lift draws inspiration from minimalism, gymnastic and sporting heritage, the city and the outdoors. The space blends contemporary design with a practical and considered layout.

The focus when planning the space was on utilising as many organic materials and textures as possible. A 5m high open glass frontage provides a wall of natural light and the perfect back drop to compliment the rich wood tones. A balanced blend of pine, oak, antique brass complete the finish. Please note that the glass frontage faces East, meaning that golden hour is the mornings if you are looking for the signature Lift shadows that cast themselves beautifully across the space throughout the first half of the day.

The space consists of a large training area with ruberised sandstone flooring that is exclusive to Lift. This provides safe flooring for training without compromising the aesthetic. The vast ceiling is populated with industrial pendant lights, with all lighting being dimmable. Up to twelve sets of gymnastic rings are aligned across the space to maintain the clean symmetrical lines of the aesthetic. The entrance area sees the introduction of a solid English Oak floor and houses two luxury unisex toilet cubicles, two luxury shower cubicles and two changing cubicles all with matt black, slate and brass to complete the luxury industrial finish. The soundtrack to the venue is powered by a fully integrated surround Sonus system to ensure that the tone is perfectly set, whatever is going on in the space.

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  • 5m Ceilings with fittings for 12 sets of rings or other hanging attachments.
  • 20 Pine Parrallettes
  • 5 Pine Stall Bars finished in Lift’s Satin Black
  • Pine Plyo Boxes, Full sets of Kettlebells, 5 barbells with ample bumper plates along with an array of mobility equipment.
  • ‘Soft Stone’ flooring – The only of its kind and the perfect surface.
  • Chilled water tap direct on the gym floor.
  • Two showers, two changing rooms and two toilet cubicles. All finished to the highest spec.
  • Fibre optic broadband and communal area.
  • Boiling water tap at reception for Teas and Coffees (Not supplied).

Training space = 96 sqm / 1030 sqft
Total area = 145 sqm / 1560 sqft

Training space = 96 sqm / 1030 sqft
Total area = 145 sqm / 1560 sqft

“Designing this space meant bringing to life Lift’s unique approach to fitness while reflecting their own minimalist style.  There was no need for coloured lights and the dark, nightlife aesthetic that so many other gyms have.  This was an exercise in going back to basics, only using the kit that is needed and to focus on incorporating natural textures into a minimalist scheme. The space had to be tactile, with everything placed where it’s needed, never leaving the users wanting for anything.  

Two years of searching for the right venue, and countless meetings later, the result is a bright, warm industrial space, flooded with natural light.  Lift’s concept has been strong for many years, and now it has its first home.”

Jill Wordsworth – Designer




Lift: The Movement
4 King John Court,

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