Regen – Shoulders


We are living increasingly sedentary lives. Hours of sitting sets a chain reaction in motion that leads to joint disfunction, poor posture, pain and restricted ranges of motion. Lift’s approach to mobility focusses on the three pillars of hips, spine and shoulders. Regen counteracts the negative impacts of long periods of inactivity and corrects physical imbalance. These periods of inactivity, and the mobility deficits that develop as a result, can often leave certain skills feeling impossible. Through education and providing context, we are here to make sure you regenerate now before you degenerate later, giving you the platform to succeed in all your physical challenges.

In this class we will explore and unlock the shoulder. The class will educate you on how to increase your active range of motion and how to address pain. It is an ideal class for those who may need more help preparing the shoulder for the handstand.