Private Coaching

Our aim is to create an ecosystem of knowledge within Lift, whereby our world class coaches are also available to you privately. Our coaches are available for hire, both for members and non-members with no membership required. The team comprises of individuals who are at the top of their game, with all of our coaches placing as much emphasis on their own development as they do their students. The result is that standards are constantly raised at Lift as we strive to deliver the best coaching experience possible.

Private coaching is available as individual sessions or can be taken as duo session with a friend or partner to help share the cost. If you are interested in taking your training to the next level with private coaching then please get in touch with your goals through the link below and our team of experts will set up a consultation and match you to the coach with the skills most suited to your needs.


BSc Physiotherapy

Dan is a movement coach and a physiotherapist with 15 years of experience. His philosophy is to help people reach physical empowerment and expand their movement vocabulary. His passions are both strength and skill work (gymnastic rings, handstands) together with floorwork and locomotion. Balancing out tension and softness, stability and expression. Dan brings his vast experience as a physiotherapist to our Regen and Handstand programme, helping you to rediscover your body and work towards physical freedom.

Classes: Handstand, Regen


BSc Sports and Exercise Science and MSc Sports Therapy

As a former competitive gymnast Shannon has lived in the gym her entire life, and at the age of 14 began coaching a young group of competitive gymnasts which sparked her love for coaching and teaching and at university Shan completed a degree in Sports and Exercise.

After completing her sports science degree, Shannon moved into personal training and teaching reformer pilates. Her pilates training along with poorly managed gymnastics injuries inspired her to complete a masters degree in Sport Therapy. Shannon now heads up our Regen and Rebalance programme with fellow physiotherapist and Lift coach Dan.

Shannon is fascinated by the intricacies of the human body and movement; in particular how such small and specific adjustments can entirely transform how a movement feels to the performer.

Classes: Regen and Lower body Conditioning


After some years devoted to his yoga practice and teaching, in 2010 Guillermo fully committed his practice to hand balance. He has studied and practised with a number of mentors and teachers across the world, such as Claude Victoria, Yuval Ayalon (whom he assists at his yearly UK visits), Valérie Doucet, Nicolás Montes de Oca, Mikael Kristiansen and Tom Weksler.

As a teacher, Guillermo has taught a variety of subjects, including music, languages and yoga from an early age. Obsessed with how we learn and adapt to new things, he applies his wealth of experience to his classes in order to maximise the students’ learning. In his classes, Guillermo tries to teach people not only to handstand, but also what the handstand can teach us about our bodies and minds. Students can apply these experiences and lessons not just to their hand balance practice but to any other discipline they wish to learn. Expect Guillermo’s classes to be physically and mentally demanding, as a clear mental focus is essential to the learning of any skill.

Classes: Handstand, Intermediate Handstand, Backbends, Pancake and Hips


Jax is a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Lift’s much loved Community Manager. Jax’s method, developed through eight years of experience in the industry, combines weighted resistance training and bodyweight strength, with her knowledge of yoga and meridian lines. Jax’s mission at Lift is to create a warm and welcoming space for members, and inspire those on the pursuit of unrivalled strength and body awareness. Although fairly new to the world of gymnastic strength training, since working at Lift Jax has achieved multiple pull ups, and an array of patterns on the rings as well as improved core strength and biomechanics. She now blends her training styles together for a unique offering to clients, reminding them to place as much importance on rest and recovery as the work itself.

Classes: Core Conditioning


Juan is a calisthenics athlete and movement enthusiast. Over the last few years Juan has adopted a more structured gymnastic strength training approach and has seen great developments in his own training and programming. He is equally at home on his hands as he is on the rings or even capoeira. He delivers a beautiful balance between reps, sets, movement and skill, and is constantly studying to better himself and those who train with him.

Classes: Core Conditioning, Foundation Rings, Intermediate Rings, Lower Body Conditioning


Kat is a force to be reckoned with on the rings and inspires the ladies of Lift every day with her strength, showing what can be achieved on the rings with hard work and commitment. However, she is in no way one dimensional and brings a multitude of skills and abilities to Lift. After studying for 3 years at drama school with a focus on movement and breathwork she decided to specialise in the physical aspects of her training and so began an exploration into circus, Calisthenics, martial arts, gymnastics, climbing and yoga.

It is this diverse range of experiences that gives her a unique skill set and that will help you to understand more about your own individual capabilities, building knowledge and confidence.

Classes: Foundation Rings, Lower Body Conditioning


Alberto is a health and movement coach who blends strength and conditioning, functional movement, and mobility together to maximise human physiology. Alberto’s philosophy is first based upon restoring function. As function improves adaptations continue to occur in your strength,  endurance, mobility and coordination leading to better health, and wellbeing.

Focusing on strengthening weakened muscles and joints, Alberto will help you  loosen muscles that are too tight, restore full range of motion, and stabilise joints to improve your control and balance. His unique holistic approach will transform your co-ordination, unlock potential and help you perfect your handstand and gymnastic techniques.

One of Alberto’s greatest joys is to bring out your inner child, have fun and to exceed your expectations.

Classes: Motion


Mayoor is an accomplished bodyweight coach that focuses on the details. In his sessions and classes you’ll learn the why and how certain drills, exercises and cues help extend into more advanced bodyweight skills and other types of training. With his degree in Psychology, his goal is to help you take away that critical piece of information that allows you to understand your body better with each session.


Miles’ teaching and physical practice background stem from ashtanga and rocket yoga. Along the way, hand balancing and calisthenics crept into his practice, and he now has a passion for exploring human movement and psychology through different training modalities.

For Miles, it’s as much about the mind as it is the body. His approach encompasses elements from different practices to bring you a more thorough and deeper understanding of yourself physically and mentally.

His classes are playful and open in energy and, at the same time, encourages space for exploration and reflection.

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