Lift: Online

Lift: Online

As we enter the second lockdown and reflect on 2020 It has without doubt been a challenging year for everyone within the fitness industry. Multiple lockdowns have presented significant challenges, but opportunities have also presented themselves. Creating a a digital training platform was never part of the Lift model, but with a rapidly changing commercial landscape throughout 2020, it was a case of evolve or die. Lift: Online has taken on several forms before arriving to its current format, and it is one that we are proud to share with you.

One of the biggest challenges for us was creating an authentic digital experience that provided Lift’s high standards of coaching through a screen, without compromising on explanation and delivery. Our new format breaks down entire routines exercise by exercise, set by set and rep by rep with detailed explanations and cues for each movement. You can move through the routines at your own pace or simply use them as reference for your favourite exercises. Our pledge to you is that our video platform with grow by 2-4 new videos each week for the duration of Lockdown.


The Lockdown membership gives you access to 3 live studio classes per week and unlimited access to the new Lift: Online. This new online format gives you detailed demonstrations and commentary as it guides you through different sessions, defining sets, reps and rest periods throughout. You will have 3 opportunities to check in with coaches over the course of the week with 3 live studio classes focusing on Handstand, Pancake/Middle Split and Backbends. The Lockdown membership is priced at £60 pcm and single live classes are also available to non-members at £10 a class, both of which can be purchased through our pricing page.

Once this second lockdown is over, we will return physically to the studio, this time with an extensive archive of Lift: Online videos available in our library. We plan to grow this library into a detailed training resource that will be made available to all as an online subscription service for £29.99 a month and included in all of our physical memberships at no additional cost.

We look forward to sharing it with you.

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