Lift is the UK’s fastest-growing bodyweight strength and mobility programme with the sole purpose of helping people future-proof their bodies. Lift is a disruptive voice of reason in an increasingly noisy fitness world, and aims to change perceptions around the body and physical education. Our mission is simple – to optimise everyone’s body so they can move freely through life and achieve anything they want physically, with the confidence that their body will not let them down.

On this page you will find a list of positions that are currently available at Lift. If you are interested in joining the team then please apply through the relevant positions below.



Rental £20 p/hr p/client [Purchased in blocks 10]
Reduced studio rental and studio access for own training
Must have existing client network

We have limited space to join the team of talented Freelance Coaches at Lift. Applicants must be experienced and professional with an existing network of clients, and have expertise in one of the following areas: Gymnastic Strength Training, Calisthenics, Mobility and Flexibility training, Yoga, Pilates. Applicants are subject to an interview process and will be selected based on a set of criteria aligned with the standards and ethos of Lift. By joining Lift as a freelancer you will receive a discount on studio rental for group classes/workshops and unlimited access to the studio for your own training and daily content creation.


We are currently seeking the ideal candidate for a full-time coach position at our studio. This individual should embody the essence of our culture, be committed to delivering an exceptional training experience to our esteemed members, and be responsible for fostering a sense of community, elevating our brand, and upholding our space’s highest standards of excellence.

The ideal candidate will be dedicated to our members, prioritise their success and progress above all else, and have the drive to learn and grow alongside our business. They will become a true ambassador for our brand, embodying the passion and enthusiasm that sets our studio apart from the rest.


Salary and Benefits

Base Salary: £24,000 annually

Additional variable income from PT clients supplied by Lift: paid at £35 / hr. On target earnings: £18,900 annually

Full time: 40 hrs per week – predominantly in the studio with some flexibility for remote tasks
20 Days paid holiday + 8 paid bank holidays

Unlimited access to Lift’s classes

Continual professional development from the Lift team, which includes but is not limited to:

• 1-2-1 Coaching development
• Lift programming
• Business operations
• Sales & Marketing
• Customer Service
• Staff management
• Benchmarking and KPIs


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Presence and Culture

The Coach is the face of Lift and represents the business at all times. A friendly on brand presence is essential during working hours to drive member engagement and make customers feel welcome.

The Coach will have the most facetime with the members and will play an essential part of shaping the Lift culture. The coach will live and breathe the brand, promoting a positive, customer-centric and training focused energy in the studio, and when representing the brand online and on social media.

Between classes and PT sessions the Coach is expected to maintain and enhance the standards in the studio, tidying up between sessions, and ensuring the facility is immaculate. This involves but is not limited to:

• Cleanliness and tidiness of the training space, changing rooms, toilets and showers.
• Ensuring the mirrors are clean, the floors are vacuumed, all equipment is in its proper place after classes, and all rubbish is in the bins.

The Coach is also expected to participate in the weekly team meetings, both in person and virtually on video calls.


The Coach will take between 9-15 regular classes on the schedule across 5 days per week (this could include weekends – our class schedule is currently Monday-Saturday).

The Coach will also be called upon to cover classes as needed.

The Coach should develop into an expert in the Lift training ethos, delivering classes with outstanding communication, and ensuring our members are progressing in their training.

Member progression is an essential outcome that drives customer retention and helps grow the business.
Ultimately, the Coach will be responsible for driving the standards of all coaching at Lift. Ensuring our product is unique and industry leading.

In addition to regular classes, the Coach may be asked to support special events, workshops, or corporate class bookings. In some instances travel may be required to take off-site classes during business hours.

Personal Training

We frequently have members and potential customers reach out to us about 1-2-1 training. Any PT inquiries from Lift members or within the studio must go through our in-house PT model.

The Coach will be responsible for taking PT clients supplied by Lift. They’re expected to deliver outstanding 1-2-1 coaching and programming, as well as driving PT client retention through repeat bookings.

The Coach will work with the Studio Manager to ensure the success of our in-house PT program.
The Coach is expected to up-sell 1-2-1 PT sessions to members.


The Coach will be responsible for supporting the Studio Manager in developing Lift’s sales channels. This can include but is not limited to:
• Greeting new members and taking tours
• Explaining the training ethos
• Offering complementary PT and movement evaluations
• Recommending suitable classes to help new customers and members meet their goals

New membership conversions are a critical aspect where the Coach will be required to engage with trial members, recommend products, and refer them to the Studio Manager to complete the sale.

The Coach will also support our other sales efforts which include, but are not limited to: in-house PT, workshops, events, studio hire, and corporate bookings.

Desired Attributes

Attitude, personality and team fit are highly valued at Lift. Whilst professional qualifications are important (and if relevant please share them with your application), we’re looking for a candidate that displays the following attributes:
• Passion for coaching and education
• Excellent communicator
• Desire to learn business acumen
• Displays pride in their work
• Desire to help others develop professionally
• Desire to develop a coaching methodology in line with Lift’s programming
• Willing to be dynamic and resourceful in a growing business


Excellent gym with attentive instructors. Very clean and inviting.

Awesome concept! Like having your own physio every day. Functional training made fun. I would highly recommend that you give it a go.

This is a very special place. What they are teaching is what I wish I had learned long ago - the fundamentals of movement. They are granular in their approach and forensic in their attention to detail. And it works. I'm only in my first week and so my impressions are still new - but they're formed enough to know that I made the right choice. Instructors really know their stuff. Class sizes are small. The attention paid to you is enough to make sure you can't get away with poor form. It's really challenging - and really gentle at the same time. Can't recommend it enough.

You have to try a workout at this place to understand why so many people have come in with a 5 star rating. While I don't mind going to the gym to lift weights every now and then, I don't find it particularly enjoyable. Lift, on the other hand teaches you to develop control and move your body - which is not only a great workout but it makes you feel good about yourself. I've taken 3 trial sessions so far with Kat, Jax and Mayoor and they have all been delightful! I recommend this place without hesitation.

Recently started PT with Angus, 5 sessions in, I already feel more aware of my body and improvements are easily noticeable. Highly recommended.

Angus has been offering one to one coaching for me for some months now . His expertise and skill has really helped my mobility and strength .

The best in London. As a professional this is the place to practice. Beautiful space, wonderful community, great vybe. Perfect to train / shoot quality videos. AND the coaches are amongst the most dedicated and knowledgeable out there. Top spot only getting better and better.

I came to Lift just wanting to learn to handstand, but have continued to train here because I have gained more than I ever imagined! Training with Angus for the last few months has exceeded my expectations. He has given me the best support and personal attention to any needs, injuries, and weaknesses while helping me reach my goals. Combined with a Rebalance session with Shannon, I now feel stronger, more coordinated, more aligned, and better than ever before - I feel like my body has been put back together in the correct order and is beginning to move properly for the first time in my life. These benefits have majorly translated into my training outside of Lift, helping me to see improvements in any other physical activity I do. I am also so thankful to have found them now and for the knowledge I have gained, as I know these skills will help me prevent any injuries later on and benefit me for life! The beautiful space and positive vibe of the studio/all the teachers is refreshing and so welcoming! Finding Lift and training with Angus has been a life-changer. I couldn’t recommend them enough!!

If you are looking for a challenge, Lift: The Movement is the place to go. The knowledge, the passion, the motivation and the energy are incredible. Friendly teams and very helpful. Angus has created a perfect place to support you to achieve your goals. Thank you again for all your help.

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