For the upper body the gymnastics rings are the most effective and versatile piece of equipment. Given the simplicity of this apparatus, it is fascinating that this piece of equipment can give your body everything it requires and needs to maximise its full potential. The rings, also known as steady rings or still rings, are an artistic gymnastics apparatus. At a foundation level, and with a little guidance, the rings provide an abundance of possibilities to develop mobility, muscular endurance, strength, stability, core control, coordination, timing, body, awareness and balance. Lift offers coaching in both Ring Foundation and Ring Skills. Rings Foundation is Gymnastic Strength Training focussed on developing pulls, presses and dips with a variety of bent and straight arm elements. Our “Rings” classes are broken into different elements focussing on skills such as the Muscle Up and Levers. Our expert coaches will be on hand to guide you through classes no matter your level. We encourage all who are new to the rings to immerse themselves in foundation classes, however whatever your class choice or your level of ability, all of our programming is progressive and regressive and designed to cater for all levels.


We are living increasingly sedentary lives. Hours of sitting sets a chain reaction in motion that leads to joint disfunction, poor posture, pain and restricted ranges of motion. Lift’s approach to mobility focusses on The Three Pillars of hips, spine and shoulders. Regen counteracts the negative impacts of long periods of inactivity, correcting imbalances and creating a foundation for further development. Through education and providing context we are here to make sure you regenerate now before you degenerate later, training for longevity is the new HIIT. 


Handbalance is the most important of skills. The foundation elements of this skill  are an integral part of the process of understanding your body. The postural and core benefits from applied handstand training are second to none and at Lift we consider the handstand a meta-skill. A meta-skill is a skill that benefits all other endeavours, and the benefits of handstand training on your posture and joint health will be felt immediately after the first session. The handstand is a journey and it must be viewed as one, to achieve the perfect line takes patience and application of body and mind. However, the sum of the small parts makes the whole and you will always leave a Lift handbalance session with a sense of achievement and one step closer to achieving your goal.


A martial art steeped in tradition and ingrained in Brazilian culture. BJJ nurtures key elements that we see as fundamental to personal development. As an extension to our skill programme and supported by Lift’s method and approach, Lift will offer the first commercially available No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class in a studio format. You will develop your BJJ skills while building self-confidence and learning how to stay calm under pressure.


Motion is the latest offering from Lift. Motion offers respite from the somewhat stricter structure and approach applied to gymnastic skills. Movement is medicine and through variations in stimulus great things can be achieved when used in tandem with traditional training approaches. Expect elements of power yoga, soft floor work, dynamic mobility, animal flow and locomotive patterns. The focus is placed on complete control as the body transitions through space. Motion maintains and prepares your body for all Lift classes and provides solid foundations whilst building confidence within the training space.

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