Regeneration is a holistic mobility class unique to Lift. Its focus is to create strong foundations of mobility and awareness, helping you to understand your body and alleviate common discomfort and pain that so many of us encounter as a result of poor movement patterns. The class focuses on mobilising and rebalancing the Three Pillars, namely the hips the spine and shoulders. We recommend this class to all of our members for overall body maintenance as part of their programming and it also acts as a foundation for many new comers before they progress into our specific mobility and skill classes. To understand more about our approach to mobility check out our article Joining The Dots.


Our mobility classes focus on the gymnastic fundamentals of Pancake/Middle Split, Backbends/Gymnastic Bridge and Front Split. Whilst achieving these positions is vital when pursuing more advanced gymnastic skills, being proficient in these movements at even foundation level is enormously beneficial to all and our expert coaches will be on hand to guide you through your journey. Take a look at our online resources on The Journal(LINK) for an insight into how we approach teaching some of these movements. If you are still unsure about our specific mobility sessions, then we recommend you join us for an introduction to mobility at one of our Regeneration classes.


Our Handbalance programme is currently split into foundation and intermediate levels. Our foundation class is suitable for both beginner and more proficient students. The class focuses on handstand conditioning, developing balance, awareness and strength necessary to perform the skill to a high level. Our goal is to build your capacity in the handstand in order that you can progress onto more advanced patterns and skills. Our intermediate class focuses the press handstand as well as a variety of entries and patterns. If you are new to handstands, we recommend you take a look at our handstand resource on The Journal and sign up to a foundation class.

The Rings:

Our rings programme is currently split into rings foundation and muscle up. The rings are an unrivalled piece of equipment when it comes to developing upper body strength and our foundation/conditioning class is designed for all levels as it can easily be progressed and regressed depending on your ability. Foundation is a rings conditioning class that comprises of both straight and bent arm elements that will help you develop an awesome physique and prepare you for more advanced skills on the rings. Due to demand, we have chosen to focus our intermediate class on the muscle up. Whilst we welcome all levels to this class we recommend that you build a solid base of strength by taking part in our foundation classes before committing your focus to the muscle up. Our rings programme will constantly evolve and as abilities grow so will our offering.


Motion is short for Locomotion and is the latest class concept from Lift. This class aims to explore your physical potential, releasing tension as you unfold the body through a vast array of non-linear patterns . Motion will evolve your training and teach you to control the body as it transitions through space, mastering weight distribution and achieving fluid movement. Motion is about empowerment; the expansion of your movement vocabulary through the creation of new patterns with an aim to achieve an elevated level of physical freedom.

Rope Flow:

Rope flow is another form of locomotive training and will help improve your balance, mobility and coordination. It is excellent for anyone that plays sport or enjoys running and will help to improve your athleticism no matter what your goals are. Rotational movement is fundamental in promoting efficient and pain free locomotion. Traditional fitness has long been focussed on linear strength patterns with little focus or understanding of the importance of rotational movement. As a result, people training to be more ‘functional’ are often detraining these natural fundamental patterns of the body and becoming less ‘functional’ in the process.

By connecting the arms together, the rope creates a closed circuit between your feet and the rest of the body. By moving with the rope through figure of 8 patterns you will quickly understand your body’s limitations and blockages through the rotational plane. Once mastered these patterns can be linked into a beautiful flowing practice that visually embodies physical freedom, a physical practice and moving meditation.

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