The Lift programme will restore physical balance and ensure you achieve your goals quickly and injury free under the expert guidance of our coaching team. There is something for everybody at Lift no matter where you are in your training journey, with most of our students being beginner or intermediate level.

Our classes are split into 3 categories: Mobility + Core, Strength and Skill. Check out the class descriptions below as well as the training guide to understand the benefits of each class. To book a class hit the button below to sign in or register an account with us, or if you have any further questions then please get in touch via our contact page.

Mobility and Core



Regen is a class unique to Lift and created to rebalance the body and optimise your movement. Under their watchful eye of the Regen team this class will rebalance your body and restore connection between Four Pillars: The feet, the hips, the spine and shoulders. Regen will  help you to understand your body,  alleviate common discomfort, build rock solid foundations for strength and skill work. 

• Alleviate common discomfort and pain 

• Regenerate and refine your movements patterns

• Connect the system of shoulders, spine and hips to rebalance your body

Core Conditioning


Having a strong core is about way more than just having a six pack. Developing a strong trunk plays a fundamental role in optimising biomechanics, and our core conditioning classes will help you to understand the function it plays inside and outside of the gym. Connect the 3 pillars of the hips, spine and shoulders by bullet proofing your core with our conditioning classes.

• Learn about the role of the core and how to properly train it

• Integrate the 3 pillars of hips, spine and shoulders through the trunk

• Improve all aspects of your training with a bullet proof core



The Pancake is ideal for anyone looking to improve hip mobility and is a must if you have your sights on  press to handstand. The pancake stretch offers a vast number of exercise variations, all of which will strengthen and balance the hip girdle no matter what your level.

• Work towards your pancake stretch

• A great class for opening your hips and strengthening your lower back

• Essential for your press to handstand



Backbends and the progressions that go with them are a key part of our mobility programme. Training towards backbends has huge benefit for anyone who is suffering from a lack of shoulder mobility or is struggling with their handstand. If you wish to improve your spinal health this class is for you.

• Work towards your gymnastic bridge and backbend variations

• Unlock your shoulders, spine and hips

• Highly recommended if you are training for handstands or suffer from ‘tight’ shoulders

Hips/Front Split


The Front Split and its progressions are excellent for lengthening and strengthening stubborn Hamstrings and Hip Flexors, an area many need to target. Like the pancake, the front split offers a variety of drills and progressions and will keep students of all levels busy.

• Work towards your front split

• Release stubborn hamstrings and hip flexors

• Excellent complimentary drills to help with your handstand alignment


Foundation Rings


Our signature rings class focusses on developing an understanding of the the rings and the components that make for clean, efficient and elegant ring work. Develop bullet proof shoulder mechanics, build your pull ups and dips to master the basics before taking on muscle up.

• Foundation rings focuses on scapula control, the pull up, the dip, rows and skin the cat with plenty of core work

• Develop unrivalled upper body strength and control 

• Suitable for beginners to build the foundations for future skills like muscle ups and levers 

Intermediate Rings


Intermediate Rings is our latest offering on our class programme. With our students progressing through the ranks and developing excellent foundations, it’s now time to focus on more advanced drills and skills on the rings. The current Intermediate project is taking on Front and Back levers. Look out for future projects covering shoulder stands and forward rolls

• Take your rings training to the next level

• Increase your strength and build more capacity on the rings

• Take on new skills such as forward rolls, shoulder stands and levers.

Lower Body


Often when it comes to beginners joining us, too much focus is placed on the upper body elements of our programme. Thats why we have created our lower body conditioning class with a view to help you find balance and learn interesting new ways to train the lower body. With a large focus on hip and glute strength expect to see gains in more than just your lower body skills.

• Maintain balance between your upper and lower body

• Learn new ways to strengthen and condition the hips and legs

• Improve total body performance by strengthening glutes and hips


Foundation Handstand


A class that covers handstand fundamentals and conditioning in detail. It is a great class for those beginning their handstand journey, as well as students looking to refine their practise. Classes vary in intensity depending on the level of students, and often take on the structure of a workshop format .Our goal to get every member doing a clean and comfortable 20-30s handstand and prepare them for the press to handstand.

• Develop all aspects of your handstand conditioning

• Enhance your balance, mobility, shoulder/core strength and build awareness and coordination

• Suitable for beginners as well as intermediate students looking to refine their practise

Intermediate Handstand


A class focussed on developing and refining skills such as the press the press to handstand, tucks, artistic patterns and more. The class breaks down the movements and skills in detail, and will constantly provide students with new challenges. Expect a much higher intensity than our foundation class so if you are unsure of your level, we advise for you to attend a foundation first.

• Take your handstand training further with more advanced drills and challenges

• Refine your press, develop your tuck, master shapes and transitions with one of our senior coaches.

• Suitable for intermediate to advanced students



Motion explores your physical potential, releasing tension as you unfold the body through a vast array of non-linear patterns . Motion will evolve your training and teach you to control the body as it transitions through space, mastering weight distribution and achieving fluid movement. Join Errin, Alberto and Dan as they take you through a journey of movement and physical discover to the background of our signature sound tracks.

• Motion is short for locomotion

• Evolve your potential and create fluidity in your movements

• Master weight distribution and expand your movement library

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